My employees love this benefit.  With rising health insurance cost, we had to cut back, but adding 1-800MD was a tangible benefit that helped cut overall cost for me and my employees.

— Oceanside, CA

Immediate access to quality care

1-800MD provides groups and individuals with fast and convenient access to quality medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year throughout the United States. 1-800MD is a cost-effective alternative to non-emergent Emergency Room visits, Urgent Care Clinic visits or the inconvenience of traveling to a scheduled appointment with your Primary Care Physician (PCP), during and after normal business hours, from home, office or during travels. 

1-800MD is available to you during and after normal business hours.  With 1-800MD you don't wait days or weeks for a doctor's appointment, you don't spend time traveling to and from your doctor's office, and you don't have to spend hours in the waiting room at the Hospital Emergency Room or Urgent Care Clinic.  1-800MD is the perfect solution for all of your minor medical needs.

1-800MD saves you valuable time and money.  Medical consultations are conducted by board certified, fully credentialed and licensed physicians that diagnose illnesses, recommend treatment and prescribe medications to its' members over the telephone, through secure email and bi-directional video.

Become a member and talk to a doctor within 15 minutes (guaranteed 1 hour). Most conditions can be diagnosed & treated via telephone.

Consultation includes diagnosis, treatment and, if appropriate, a medication prescription.

Become a member, send a secure email to a doctor and receive a secure reply within 8 hours (guaranteed within 24 hours).

Consultations include answers to your medical questions and general related guidance and information.

Become a member and have a secure, bi-directional video consultation with a doctor within 2 hours (guaranteed within 4 hours).

Consultation includes diagnoses, treatment and, if appropriate, a medication prescription.